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Association of Zoos Aquariums: AZA.org.
AZA-accredited facilities serve more than 195 million visitors each year. The Association of Zoos Aquariums provides its members with the services, high standards, best practices, and program coordination to be leaders in animal welfare, public engagement, and the conservation of species.
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When zoos take time to think about the animal's' welfare, zoos can become a place of refuge. There are animals that are injured in the wild and are unable to survive on their own, but in the zoos they can live out the rest of their lives healthy and happy McGaffin.
Zoos are prisons for animals no one needs to see a depressed penguin in the flesh Opinion The Guardian.
Thats not really why zoos exist. Zoos exist so that we can wander round with our children and say: No, dont bang the glass, Timothy, hes getting agitated, before going home to post on Facebook about the educational day that we have had.
Zoos: An Idea Whose Time Has Come and Gone PETA.
In addition, elephants in zoos are often subjected to invasive and painful artificial breeding practices, and they are traded between facilities without regard for bonds of friendship. Some zoos still manage elephants with bullhooks, which are heavy steel-tipped batons that resemble a fireplace poker.
We believe that wild animals in zoos suffer physically and mentally as their complex social, behavioural and physical needs cannot be met in unnatural manmade environments. Many animals in zoos show signs of distress, such as pacing or rocking backwards and forwards repeatedly.
Are zoos a good thing? LearnEnglish Teens British Council.
But there are also ministries helping them especially the endangered species leading them to zoos and animals that have been rescued from places where mistreated to give care and proper nutrition but also zoos that exploit animals who seek only attraction the public but there is another who use them for educational purposes which assist adults and children to witness magnificent animals conclusion think humans must raise awareness and protect animals so that they are not required to be brought zoos and much less mistreat places where they remain in their natural habitat that is where they belong.
The 10 Best Zoos Aquariums in Belgium TripAdvisor.
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