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Customer Service, CS Operations. December 14th, by Planet Booking. Bags off the Beaten Track. Amount of electricity required to power our data centers. Nationalities including Vulcans, Wookies suspected Cylons. Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything. Travel Deals on the App Store.
Booking always allows me the best overlook of properties no matter where I happen to be staying. Their app gives me all the power of the site in a flash, and I actually like the interface more than the full desktop site. Wikipedia.
Applications development edit. In November 2010, launched its own hotel and accommodation booking app in iPad version. In February 2011, launched its Android version hotel and accommodation booking app. In April 2012, announced the launch of the first global last-minute hotel app, Tonight. 1564845, hotels worldwide. 139 million hotel reviews.
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