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nobilis, of the island of Hawaii, that had black plumage and two tufts of yellow plumes used to make ceremonial robes for the Hawaiian kings. First recorded in 1885-90, o-o is from the Hawaiian word. Based on the Random House Dictionary, Random House, Inc.
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When the mamo became rare the natives began to substitute the light yellow feathers growing under the wings of the o-o. The Spell of the Hawaiian Islands and the Philippines Isabel Anderson. Either he can o-o now; if not, then it is proof positive that his defence is bad.
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WORD OF THE YEAR. WORD OF THE YEAR. Home British World English o-o. Definition of o-o in English.: A honeyeater bird found in Hawaii, now probably extinct, which had a thin curved bill and climbed about on tree trunks. Genus Moho, family Meliphagidae.
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James: So last night my girlfriend dressed like a catgirl Drew: O-O. 0 t-t @-@ x-x o-o. by Darth Seraph June 30, 2006. Get a O-O mug for your cousin Manley. shock, puzzlement, misunderstanding; raised eyebrow, skepticism generally used in online chatting.
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161: Several years earlier, she had arranged to bring three pairs of the rapidly vanishing bird from Hawaii island to Kauai, hoping they would form a new colony. oo genitive please provide, partitive please provide. The name of the Latin-script letter O / o.
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