Introducing ZAZOO TiME –
A personalized time-management tool for your entire family!

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ZAZOO TiME is our new FREE APP that lets you set images to alarms and prompts to help everyone build healthy habits. From wake-up, get dressed, play piano visual cues for kids to medication reminders for seniors – choose images, audio books, white noise, music, and media to personalize your tasks and reminders throughout the day.

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Visual and Audio Cues Teach Healthy Habits – Playfully!

With thousands of images and media we help your child achieve “I did it myself” milestones. For the early riser set the Stay in Bed visual cue and auto-play storybook to keep them entertained until the wake-up time alarm prompts get-up and get-ready.

Mastering tasks is empowering for young children. ZAZOO TiME eliminates the stress by helping guide your child throughout the day with relevant, engaging prompts.

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Help Your Parents Feel Confident About Living Independently!

ZAZOO TiME helps guide your elderly or infirmed family member throughout the day so you can feel secure about their aging-in-place wishes and needs.

Our FREE media and multimedia collections deliver task-appropriate cues so you can customize your loved one’s schedule. Choose from alarm-set visual reminders like days of week and a when to have a healthy snack. 

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The Perfect Time Management App for the Entire Family!

Eliminate the frustration and daily stress of repeatedly reminding kids and family of daily tasks and let ZAZOO TiME do the work. One account works for multiple devices to keep everyone on track.

ZAZOO Free, ZAZOO AnnualSubscription and ZAZOO PremiumCollection media delivers thousands of images, audio, and storybooks. Customize to help build independence and self-empowerment today.

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Customized Multimedia Available in the ZAZOO MediaStore

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